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Borehole Testing| Repairs | Water Pumps | Irrigation | Storage Tanks

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We strive to continuously improve our standards with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.


Borehole installations, testing and repairs

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Supply, repair, maintenance and installation of all pumps

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Storage tanks

Supply and installation of all water storage tanks

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Design and supply of all irrigation system needs

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About Us

The company was founded in 2003 with the mission of service in the water industry. We pride our self in excellent service and accuracy in yield testing. Supply and installation of all borehole equipment is done with special attention to personal client needs. We have a vast spectrum of knowledge in the water industry, Servicing domestic, agricultural and industrial clients in all their water related needs.

Borehole Testing

Borehole testing is the process whereby a borehole is subjected to pumping under controlled test conditions in order to determine the performance characteristics of a borehole. Ultimately borehole testing aims to determine the optimum rate at which a borehole should be pumped.

Step Drawdown

This test is the first test that is done during test pumping in order to check the hydraulic efficiency of the borehole and to determine the discharge rate needed for the constant discharge test

Constant Discharge

This test is used to determine how much water the aquifer can yield on a long-term basis. The analysis provides useful input to assess the sustainable yield of individual boreholes and the potential of aquifers

Recovery Test

Upon completion of the constant discharge test, when the pump is switched off, the water level recovery is measured. This recovery test is very useful in qualitatively measuring the pumping performance and possible de-watering of aquifers

Extended Step Drawdown

This test is designed of application in specific cases only, namely where the expense of a constant discharge test is not warranted but more information about the aquifer is needed than the step-drawdown test alone can give.


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