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We have a vast spectrum of knowledge in the water industry specialising in the following:

Borehole Installation & Repairs

Borehole requirements? We have been doing borehole maintenance, testing, repairs and installation for more than a decade. We have the right people, the right equipment and the right attitude to not only get the job done, but to get the job done with a very high level of quality and service.

Borehole Equipment

Bruwer Borehole Pumps (BBP) supplies and installs a wide range of borehole equipment, using only the highest quality of equipment. Special care is given to ensure reliable performance at competitive prices.

Borehole Testing

Borehole testing is the process whereby a borehole is subjected to pumping under controlled test conditions in order to determine the performance characteristics of a borehole. Borehole testing aims to determine the optimum rate at which a borehole should be pumped.

Borehole testing identifies the long term sustainable pumping rate – it is important not to over pump a borehole as it can reduce or damage the water table. Our testing includes bank certificates and yield tests to confirm the water quantity and quality.

Borehole yield is the volume of water that can be abstracted from a borehole – the maximum rate of abstraction from the borehole can be expressed as l/s, m3/hr, m3/d or m3/a. Yield testing helps to establish the safe yield of the borehole, the yield duty period and the quality of groundwater.

Test pumping duration:
Test pumping duration should be determined by the duty period of the borehole. The water requirements of a domestic borehole are different from those of an agricultural borehole. In other words, a borehole supplying household water will have a different duty period than an irrigation borehole. The borehole should be tested in accordance with the duty period of that specific borehole. Recommendations according to The South African National Standard for development, maintenance and management of ground water resources (SANS10299-4) can be used as a safe guideline for test pumping.

Types of tests:

  • Step draw down test (multiple test rate)
  • This test is the first test that is done during test –pumping in order to check the hydraulic efficiency of the borehole and to determine the discharge rate needed for the constant discharge test.

  • Constant discharge test
  • This test is used to determine how much water the aquifer can yield on a long-term basis.

  • Recovery Test
  • Upon completion of the constant discharge test, when the pump is switched off, the water level recovery is measured.

  • Extended step-drawdown test
  • This test is designed of application in specific cases only, namely where the expense of a constant discharge test is not warranted but more information about the aquifer is needed than the step-drawdown test alone can give.


We supply and install a wide variety of pumps including:

  • Borehole Pumps
  • Swimming Pool Pumps
  • Booster Pumps

  • Borehole Protection

    BBP has gained widespread acceptance in the industry specializing in the in the protection of boreholes. We supply and install Nist Control Systems to help prevent damage to boreholes motors including dry run, voltage fault and overload.
    To protect your borehole from theft has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Contact us to assist with securing your borehole with the high quality borehole safe designed to protect against theft and vandalism.

    Storage Tanks

    Water storage tanks up to 40 000 l. Available in a variety of colours for horizontal, vertical and slim tanks.


    Quality installations of irrigation systems for domestic and agricultural according to clients needs.

    Solar Pumps

    Contact us for assistance in solar installations.